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Working to strengthen the civil society sector, one organisation and training at a time

Our Programming Areas

Capacity Building




Veni Apwann enthusiastically works to strengthen civil society by building the capacity of CSOs. We offer action learning groups, training workshops and in-house support via coaching or mentoring in the areas of:


  • proposal writing

  • project management

  • good governance

  • strategic planning

  • fund development

  • managing human resources

  • financial management

  • team building 

  • marketing and communications

  • advocacy





We want civil society to have a clear vision for the sector, create shared goals and adopt best practices for good governance.  


Thus we engage stakeholders in discussions that lead to an enhanced understanding of the civil society sector and its contribution to national  development.






Veni Apwann conducts research with partners, seeking to understand factors that facilitate development of effective civil society organisations, identifying good practices relevant to the Caribbean context.


One area of our research deals with governance structures and processes in civil society organisations and the other seeks to determine the fiscal, legal and policy frameworks that enable the CSO sector to become more effective.


Together with partners we develop and execute research agendas showcasing results and lessons learnt through case studies and other creative ways.


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