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Kathryn Jones-Douglas

Kathryn Jones Douglas is a Human Resource Management Professional, Independent Consultant and Facilitator.  She has worked across multiple sectors including start up operations and NGOs. 

Over a period of more than 10 years, Kathryn held strategic positions at SERVOL and the Family Planning Association of Trinidad and Tobago (FPATT) where she was responsible for training, administration, organisational development and all aspects of human resource management.  

She is the immediate past Chair of the Board of Directors (2017)  and serves in the Internal Capacity Building and  HR Committees of Veni Apwann.  Kathryn has also been team leader for HR initiatives for and on behalf of the organisation.  She has also, over the last 3 years  as Facilitator/Consultant with Veni Apwann, co-led on various capacity building and institutional strengthening projects including the development, design and delivery of project management, project identification and proposal writing workshops; organisational reviews; case studies and coaching projects.


Kathryn graduated from the Anglia Ruskin University with a BA in Human Resource Management (upper second class honours) and has been subsequently certified in various HR-specific areas, including industrial relations practice, compensation and benefits. She has also been trained to facilitate experiential team building in the outdoors.  This training followed her participation in a Group Dynamics and Institutional Transformation conference conducted by the International Forum for Social Innovation and the University of the West Indies. Kathryn is a graduate of the CDF/UWI - Institute of Business Training of Trainers Programme, where she was a member of the team which developed the managing of volunteers manual and workshops.  

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